The 6-week Vitality Boost Program!

Debilitating fatigue… Brain fog that never lifts… Strange skin issues... Roller coaster hormones…
They’re brutal, oft-overlooked symptoms that make the performance of even menial tasks seem impossible. How do I know?—because I used to suffer from them. I’m Toréa Rodriguez, and I created the six-week Vitality Boost Program to help people take simple, transformative steps toward real, lasting lifestyle change.
The Vitality Boost Program isn’t about quick fixes, it’s about life-long skill development and personal improvement. When you enroll in this program, we’ll take a holistic look at your lifestyle to identify the healing opportunities — those areas that prevent us from feeling our best.  
Then, together, we will begin the process of healing through intensive instruction, group collaboration, and loving support.
The next program is September 2016 and spots are extremely limited. Jump on the list to be notified when enrollment opens so you don't miss out!
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The Vitality Boost Program is the most-effective way to start living a vibrant, healthy, fatigue-free life.

"The Vitality Boost Program did for me what books, doctors, and other programs had been unable to do —
1) help me develop a positive, actionable mindset and
2) remember what it feels like to enjoy a good night’s sleep

Mike Rossi – President of Mallard Creatives

The Right Program for the Right People

The Vitality Boost Program isn’t for all people, but it is for the right people — people suffering from chronic fatigue, hormone imbalance, and unending food cravings… people with a curious nature who are ready to take charge of their lives and make a mindset shift into permanent lasting change.

 • Are you committed to being curious about what makes you healthy?
Are you looking for life-long skills as opposed to quick-fixes?
Are you willing to help others in their quest for better health and happiness?
If you answered YES to any of the above, then you’re in the right place!

A Program Rooted in Science

The tips and guidance provided in the Vitality Boost Program aren’t just based on my experience alone — they’re based on published scientific literature. All of my lifestyle coaching is rooted in information gleaned from the teachings of dieticians, therapists, doctors, and lifestyle experts. I've worked years at simplifying the teachings. The result is a program designed just for you, so that by combining these small simple steps, you maximize your vitality.

From Program Founder, Toreá M Rodriguez FDN-P

“In my private practice, I dig deep with clients looking at functional lab work and customizing their health programs. But there comes a time, especially with chronic illness, that there is no way we can supplement ourselves out of it! We have to start applying the lifestyle elements to our healing path. Until I really started to dig deeper into the elements of stress, movement, emotion, rest, environmental toxicity... I was just spinning my own wheels. My healing progress slowed no matter how many fistfuls of supplements I was taking! I created this collaborative program so that you can maximize your learning, and see just how simple it can be to make dramatic, long lasting changes to feeling better.”

The next program is September 2016 and spots are extremely limited. Jump on the list to be notified when enrollment opens so you don't miss out!

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